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Adobe Premiere Pro CC


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Adobe Premiere

11th - 13th December 2017

Learn how to use Adobe Premiere Pro, and its bundled programmes (On-Location, Sound Booth, Media Encoder and Encore) to produce professional quality productions.

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11th December 2017 – 13th December 2017

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This course will help you realise the full benefits of your investment in Adobe® Premiere® Pro, such as breakthrough performance for video production, enabling you to work dramatically faster thanks to the revolutionary native 64-bit, GPU-accelerated Adobe Mercury Playback Engine.

Recommended for:

Anyone working with video, be that for TV, Web or DVD as well as video enthusiasts and anyone wanting to produce professional standard advertising, product demonstration, marketing material, company promotion etc. Anyone who wants to improve their video media skills and take them to the next level.

You will learn how to:

  • How to create sequences, import your media assets and selectively view your assets prior to importing them into PP
  • How to review and select just the material you wish to use in your production.
  • How to organise your PP projects How to refine that selection with the many excellent tools in PP
  • How to create a sequence with your footage and how to use sequences to simplify your production
  • How to add and modify effects and transitions and what needs to be considered when adding effects & transitions How to create single or multiple picture in picture effects
  • How to create professional titles and rolling/crawling titles in PP (including adding logos) which can be reused on multiple projects
  • How to colour correct/colour grade your footage including primary and secondary colour correction
  • How to record audio into PP and how to use the audio tools in PP as well as the tools in Adobe Audition to sweeten, save and balance your audio
  • How to export your production - be that for the web, TV, film or DVD using PP, Adobe Encore & the Adobe Media Encoder

Course outline:


Lesson Description
1 Workspace & Starting a Project Understand the interface, the elements within it and how to customise it as you need. Accessing and using different workspaces. Setting up your project, splash screens sequences
2 Importing Assets Getting assets into PP, keeping an organised project panel;  assembling assets in sequences
3 Capturing Footage 'On-Location' (OL) (a programme bundled with Premiere Pro); recording footage directly to your hard disc with OL. Capturing footage from an HDV camera via i.link (firewire) as individual clips, as automated batches and as a whole tape
4 Assemble and Edit a Sequence Common keyboard short-cuts and editing tools for build up ;  frame perfect sequences
6 Transitions Build transitions from scratch and apply and modify 'standard' PP transitions into your sequences. Use the 'motion' effects to build 'Picture-in-Picture' (PiP) effects and apply and modify standards PiP effects to your timelines
7 Titles & the Title Designer Master the title creation tools within PP to add titles to a timeline;  create professional rolling and crawling titles.  Use the title designer to create additional graphic elements to build lower thirds and other graphic and text elements
8 Colour Corrections and Effects Colour correction and colour grading are now essential parts of professional video production. Learn the basics of colour correction in PP, understand the built-in graphs and how to use them, use the basic tools to correct footage, create vignettes, simulate day-for-evening shots and learn how to make your video shine with the 'Filmic Glow' technique (makes video look more like film)
9 Audio in PP Audio is more than 50% of great video. If you have an OK video production but great sound people will stay with it, but if you have a wonderful video production but poor sound you will lose your audience. Learn the PP audio tools (time-line and effects), how to deal with audio problems and, using 'Sound Booth' (SB) (another programme bundled with PP) we will look at some simple audio 'issues' and how to solve them as well as recording a narration directly in PP
10 Output Output your work so that it can be seen and reviewed by your client and your colleagues.  How to output for video, web, tape (and if needed mobile devices) and how to use the 'Adobe Media Encoder' which also ships with PP. We will also take a brief look at 'Encore' (En) which again ships with PP and can be used to create professional standard menu driven DVDs, blue-ray and web output


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