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Nanoparticle technologies for membrane protein research

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Nanoparticle technologies for membrane protein research
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27th June 2017 – 28th June 2017
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1st June 2017

Detergents have traditionally provided a solution to the problem of solvating membrane proteins, but in recent years there has been a growing trend for isolating membrane proteins as nanoparticles. Stable bilayer segments, bicelles, were quickly followed by the development of amphipathic polymers (amphipols). Thereafter, amphipathic proteins were used to create self-assembling lipid nanodiscs, in which membrane proteins were reinserted into small discs of lipid bilayers. The most recent innovations, SMALPs and lipodiscs combine these ideas by directly solubilising biological membranes to produce membrane protein/lipid nanoparticles. Together, these methods overcome many of the difficulties faced by membrane protein biochemists and offer enormous opportunities to rapidly deepen and broaden our understanding of these important proteins.

The aim of this meeting is to bring together researchers from academia and industry with interest and expertise in these different methodologies, who are united in the goal of elucidating the structures and functions of membrane proteins.

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